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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

Me too

Posted 07.12.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Being different is scary. Because being different means rejection. Rejection means isolation. Isolation means danger. It’s that simple. You can’t escape millions of years of evolution. It’s not about vanity, it’s fear. Hears the thing, the best way to beat the fear is to work out how to become part of a tribe again. That’s why reaching out to people is the single most important thing you can do. However, that takes great bravery because you have to hold your…


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Melisa’s story

Posted 27.09.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Managing hair loss is different for us all. Melisa, a yoga teacher, from London shares her take on how yoga helps her to cope emotionally: A Source of Strength… My hair used to be thick, strong and healthy, whereas (having suffered from androgenetic alopecia for over a decade) it is now as fine as powder, and its roots are weak and fragile.  This makes me feel vulnerable and weak myself; but yoga helps to restore that sense of empowerment by grounding…

An explosive start

Posted 07.09.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Long time no speak! I took the summer off social media because I still can, I wanted hang out with my kids (whilst they’re still not old enough to hate me) and I wanted to get away from the extension build as much as possible. We went to St Tropez, Falmouth, squeezed in 3 camping trips and as brilliant as it all was I couldn’t escape from that uncomfortable feeling I should be working. That I was neglecting something important…

My naked ambition

Posted 02.08.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

I was pretty shocked last night when I discovered Channel 4’s latest dating show, Naked Attraction. If you didn’t see it, prospective dates lined up completely naked and were judged on their bodies. Lots of discussion on what sort of penis you like, boob to nipple ratio preferences and the odd comment about toes to water it down. As depressing as it may be to many, it really got me thinking. Stripping people naked and discussing their bodies could be…

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