wig stand and packing bag travel kit

If you’re new to wig wearing the thought of travelling may cause you some anxiety. I’ve had years of experience and it’s all about preparation! To make it easier I’ve created a wig stand and packing bag travel kit.  The wig packing bag is designed to safely store your hair particularly in hand luggage. The hair is held secure and tangle free on a locking hanger and you can fold the bag leaving you more room for your clothes and shoes. It has included flight friendly versions of my specialist wig shampoo and conditioner that should last you the whole holiday. There is also a fully collapsible wig stand that is perfect for drying your wigs quicker as it allows free movement air to circulate. I tend to use these open wig stands for drying my wigs at home too.



I’ve worried many times whether I would be stopped at the airport going through security. You imagine it would look fairly suspicious that firstly, you look completely different to your passport picture and secondly, that you’d look suspicious going through the x ray machine. Often wigs have a lot of hair and it would be possible to hide, a very sizable, black market business within them! The truth is I’ve never been stopped, never been questioned! I have even worn clips, grips and set off the metal detector and never been questioned about it.
I must have been through airport security 100 times, all over the world.

I have had a few customs officials laugh at my passport photo though and to be fair it’s a ridiculously bad photo.

Airport security see everything, everyday, and wigs, hair pieces and extensions are not uncommon. What may feel unusual to you is just one of many differences they see all the time. Some ladies wear hair because they have too, but many more wear hair because they choose to. They don’t know what your situation is, nor do they care.

Relax, enjoy your holiday rocking the best do by the pool!!! If you’d like a wig stand and packing bag travel kit you can find it in my shop here.

wig stand, packing bag kit for travel