What is remy hair?

There is a lot of confusion in the industry as to what is remy hair. Largely this is caused by most companies claiming their hair is remy hair. To some people remy hair is Indian hair, to others it’s hair that has been collected by brushing. The professional industry generally defines “remy” as hair from a single donor (ponytail cut off) with the roots and ends in the same place and the cuticle running in the same direction.
It may already be coloured or permed (unlike virgin hair) but the cuticle remains intact.

Most hair advertised as remy hair is not and comes from mixed donors and placed in a pile. The cuticle (the protective outside layer) is in different directions which causes it to tangle. To combat this the hair is treated in an acid bath. It then has a silicone coating added to return it to hair that looks and feels good. Many of the professionals cannot tell the difference.

However, the silicon will wash off so the hair becomes very tangled again. True remy hair is strong with more body and will last a lot longer. With human hair you get what you pay for!

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated/dyed as well as being cuticle aligned. It is the most luxurious and expensive hair and will last the longest. The majority of hair donors have dark hair so it is processed to be lightened. The lighter it is, the more processing it has had. Processing the hair will compromise the cuticle.

I never ask for remy hair when I speak to manufacturers and hair suppliers as the term means different things. It’s far better to ask if the hair is cuticle aligned and still in tact. The main brand companies will tell you the truth but sadly lots of hair suppliers don’t. You won’t know until a few hair washes later and you have a birds nest on your head.
I will explain in later blogs how I know the hair I’m buying is quality.