Watch this video to see my very brave customer tell you honestly what it's like to wear hair!





It's very liberating. When I take it off I feel really vulnerable. I feel like I've aged 10 yrs when I take it off.  I feel like I take off my confidence.  

Penny, Northampton


I have my thick hair back. The colour is perfect. 

Irene from Rotherham

I couldn't be without it now. Thank you for all your help, I will be back for more soon!!!!

Lucy, London

From meeting Rebecca I didn't know that my life would change so dramatically. Living with Alopecia is difficult, but talking about it was even harder for me. However, I was made to feel at ease and my confidence levels increased in seconds from wearing a hair topper. A little change, with a considerable noticeable impact on both my overall look and my inner sense of happiness. 

Robina, Herts

It's been amazing to meet someone else who has hair loss. I thought I was the only one. You have given me so much of your time and knowledge. I haven't spent any money on myself for a while now and my hair makes me want a complete makeover! 

Aimee, Herts

I can't believe the difference. Everyone keeps telling me how well I look. I feel like people treat me with more respect. 

Barbara, London


I was devastated when I was diagnosed with alopecia. I did not want to go out, meet my friends or go on holiday. My life changed completely when I met Rebecca.
She was so understanding, knowledgeable and gave me such good advice. I now have a 'topper' and the difference it has made is unbelievable. I feel so confident, my friends have complimented me on my hair and it just feels perfect. Thank you Rebecca for your help and for being there when I needed it most.

Pat, Bedford

Since August I have worn the hairpiece everyday. I cannot express how wonderful it feels or how grateful I am to you and what you have done for me. I hope to speak to you soon!!! 

Alex, Manchester

I couldn't be without my toppers, I have very little hair on my crown and next to no fringe, but the toppers clip on securely to what's left and make the world of difference.  They look so natural, I forget I'm wearing them and everyone I tell is astonished that it's not all my own hair. Becky will help match your colour and help you decide on the best shape topper for you.  She sources the best quality real hair at very reasonable prices and the toppers can last for years if looked after well

Sarah, Northampton


I couldn't live without my toppers. Nobody knows about my hair loss and nobody has ever guessed I'm wearing a topper.  

Jackie, Cambridge


Thanks so much for all your help and time. I wish I could have more of them!  

Joe, Milton Keynes


I love how lightweight they (wigs) feel. You don't even know you're wearing one!  

Julie, Herts


My new hair gave me my confidence back. It doesn't feel like a problem to me anymore. I have even told people now about my hair loss and it's like a weight has been lifted. It's good to feel normal again after so long of feeling ashamed and embarrassed.  

Anon, Bedfordshire

Thank you so much xx turned out amazing xx 

Louise, Milton Keynes

Moving on with our lives and looking for further help I came across Rebecca Dawe, in whom we
have found somebody who is supportive and looks to go the extra mile to find solutions to varying
levels of loss. As somebody who has suffered hair loss most of her adult life she gives us a lift with
her knowledge, enthusiasm, desire to help and her unquenchable appetite in the search for
solutions. I know our relationship will develop on a professional level and my wife and I feel we can
also now count Rebecca as a friend.

Sarah, Luton


 I have been getting many compliments on my hair 😀 I have decided to keep the clips and not attach it - it is so well made, I want to keep it as long as possible!

Rose, Watford