My naked ambition

I was pretty shocked last night when I discovered Channel 4’s latest dating show, Naked Attraction. If you didn’t see it, prospective dates lined up completely naked and were judged on their bodies. Lots of discussion on what sort of penis you like, boob to nipple ratio preferences and the odd comment about toes to water it down. As depressing as it may be to many, it really got me thinking. Stripping people naked and discussing their bodies could be a incredibly positive thing. Firstly though, you need to get a true representation of all people, not just the fabulously slim and trimmed up versions I saw last night. It would be really positive to have those people talk about what they like about themselves. Have a variety of opinions on what others liked about them.

For the sake of our kids, they need see there is a huge variety in shapes and sizes and appreciate that all is beautiful, well at least it is some of the time to some of the people. 95% of us do not look like models and there will always be people who like how we look and those that don’t. I thought it was refreshing when some of the contestants last night admitted to loving their bodies. I loved that fact that some where so body confident.

What came out loud and clear was that the confident ones, were the ones that got picked. The ones who stood proudly and projected that they didn’t care what you thought because they loved their look. As social animals we are all so desperate to be accepted. The truth is, it doesn’t matter a rats fart if some people can’t dance to your beat. What makes you the most attractive is how well you groove to it.

The other thing I observed was when you strip people of their clothes, their personalities became so much more transparent. The synergy of stripping off our body armour to get to someones true nature. Seriously, if more things were done naked imagine how much quicker and honest life would be. How much energy we could save for more positive stuff.

Relating all this back to myself, I think back to when I told the world about my hair loss. It was scary but utterly liberating. And how, in certain situations, I just don’t feel like I can be my true self. The times I am happiest is when I am just me, no pretenses. Today I have a strengthened resolve to be naked as much as I possibly can and to know that is good enough.

Despite the backlash the program is bound to be getting, i’d like to see much more of this but with much more variety please. It shouldn’t be shocking or offensive to see anything naked. I respect the confidence of those who bared all last night and I think we can all learn something from it.