I must admit I'm not looking forward to the menopause. There seem to be so many physical and emotional symptoms! The changing hormones often make ladies feel pretty low and on top of it all, hair loss. Apparently hair thinning happens in as many as 50%!!!


Make sure you get a diagnosis for pattern baldness before treating it as there may be other reasons why your hair is falling out. There are things you can try but you must check with your pharmacist that the treatments work with any other conditions/medications you are taking.


  • Minoxidil is the most commonly suggested treatment. It works for a few, but once you're using this ointment you're committed for life. It's not on prescription.
  • The oral contraceptive spironolactone can be very effective but certainly not suitable for everyone.
  • Laser therapy also has some mixed results. You can't get this on the NHS and you need to be careful that you use someone who is using the right strength of low level laser.
  • A real obvious one is making sure you're getting enough of the right vits, minerals, iron, protein, biotin, and produce that contain natural DHT blockers.
  • Look into supplements like Viviscal, Biotin and Florisene.
  • Investigate options for caffeine shampoos and oral DHT blockers.
  • Make sure that your shampoo is sulphate free and PH balanced.
  • Be careful not to do/take too many things at once as you won't know what's working and you could cancel the effectiveness of some treatments when combined with others.

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How to cover hair loss

These are some of the ways I manage my own hair loss (and the ladies I work with). I have tested everything personally and write from personal experience.

Hair pieces

Most ladies with menopausal hair loss do not need wigs. If you have some hair I always like to integrate this into a hair addition. If you get the right colour and texture the look is absolutely flawless. Also the less you are wearing the more comfortable the solution. Hair pieces can be made to cover any area of hair loss and there are unimaginable options available.


These are units that are attached to the top of the head, usually with clips and or tape. They are great for covering visible hair loss from the fringe and crown as well as providing extra volume for ladies with

very thin hair. They come in all shapes and sizes, hair colours and lengths. It’s best to match your hair against a colour swatch as it’s really important to get the colour right. Often it’s easier to colour your existing hair to match the colour of your topper.


Sometimes it’s hard to find a topper to cover your area of hair loss and in the right shade. If you only want specific areas covering, or have more difficult hair to match or can’t find the right length then it’s best to get a piece custom made. It takes around six weeks, but it’s well worth the time to get something that’s absolutely perfect!

Permanent attachment methods

Permanent attachment is often referred to as hair replacement. Your hair system can then be worn day and night and treated as your own hair. Simply put hair is attached using hair extension techniques. You will need monthly maintenance to ensure the best fit and keep an eye on your scalp especially as it’s harder to keep it clean. Hair replacement is more expensive as any attachment will wear out quicker as it’s worn in bed. However, you are able to carry on as normal and no one ever needs to know you wear a hair addition. I know many ladies who just want to forget about their hair loss and enjoy having fab hair 24/7.


Headwear is an essential component of any hairloss wardrobe. Whether it’s an alternative to wearing hair, or to protect against our beautiful British weather, sports activities or holidays. You simply cannot live without them!

That’s why I supply a huge range of hats, scarves and headbands in lots of stunning colours and patterns. It’s very important that your headwear is both comfortable and breathable and doesn’t harm your natural hair.


Why not get creative and glamorous by adding hair pieces that look as though you have hair? A simple fringe attachment is very effective, right through to stunning hair pieces that can be integrated into a scarf to create a head turning updo.

Cover sprays

I also use a lot of cover up sprays particularly when I am wearing hair pieces. When my hair was thick enough to add traditional extensions I used them for the bald patches enabling me to wear my hair 

  • Scalp covers colour your scalp to the colour of your hair. They are brilliant for thinning hair and patches as you can’t see your scalp. The sprays remain on until they are washed off.
  • A less messy option to colouring the scalp is using spray on fibres. These look like tiny bits of chopped up hair. I have used them and found it took longer to apply than the scalp colour sprays. It’s very much a personal preference, but it is again a very effective cover.
  • Hair thickening spray is good for concealing thinning hair. A combination of spray and fibres is a great option for very thin hair.

Semi-Permanent make-up

Semi-permanent make-up places the pigment on the top layer of the skin and only lightens with time. It usually needs to be topped up every year. I think semi permanent eyebrow tattooing is an absolute must for those of us who have lost our eyebrow hair. It is very difficult to make eyebrows look realistic and a bit laborious to hand-draw your eyebrows every day. With no hair the eyebrow powders that you combine with stencils haven’t worked well for me. I have also not been impressed with any of the other alternatives such as stick on eyebrows or removable tattoos which I found fiddly and expensive for long term, daily, use.


Eyebrow tattooing is very fashionable and the best way to achieve a perfect and natural look. It takes around an hour per session and does not hurt in the slightest.


Please do your research and make sure you use someone who is experienced and well qualified. It’s best to go from personal recommendations and do not be tempted to use someone who is cheaper.

Always check their work and be sure that the pictures you’re looking at, is their work. The risk is that if your hair does grow back and in a different place you may be forced to remove the hair or your tattoos.


I have also heard that some people have used semi permanent make up as a way of covering bald patches in your scalp. If you are thinking of doing this again get lots of advice first.

Eyebrow kits

There are a large number of eyebrow kits now available. These usually include a selection of eyeshadows and stencils to use so you get the shape right. These work really well when you have some hair. Eyebrow stencils are fantastic though for finding out what shape you’d like to go for and ensuring a great finish.


Whatever you need to do to feel better give yourself permission to do it. Get your nails done or treat yourself to new clothes. Seek help from therapists who specialise in managing stress such as meditation, hypnotherapy, massage etc. I wish you every success in getting your mojo back and if you'd like to talk to me more I'm always happy to help.