Living a zero gravity life

I ordered a few cheeky items from the sale last week which I had delivered to my mums. I opened the package and showed her the fab animal print top and trousers. Her immediate response was “lovely but too fancy for day wear”.

These kinds of comments always make me cringe inside and sorry about the stories we tell ourselves regarding how we should look and be and act. Why do you need to save things for best or for certain situations?
Taking refuge inside these strange ideas of behaviour is often extremely sad and life experience limiting.

I really love Carolla’s theory on gravity: Humans need challenges to overcome just like muscles need resistance to grow. In a zero-gravity environment, an astronaut’s muscles atrophy because there is no resistance. The void of space is massive and constantly expanding, and if we immerse ourselves in it, we’ll simply wither away.

This doesn’t just apply to the physical state, it’s very much a mental affliction too. The only way to make changes and feel better about yourself is not just to deal with gravity but to actively seek it out.

My alopecia has been the single biggest circumstance that has forced me to evaluate my own limiting stories about what I should look like or how I should behave. And for that I will always be extremely grateful. Because quite frankly it’s all bullshit; just marketing and control.

As soon as I left my mums house I put the clothes on and took my son to his swimming class. I must admit though, I’d feel a total dork doing the school run in a cocktail dress or a Tesco’s shop in my one piece. So, I think the general rule is, if it looks good and it doesn’t get you sectioned, go for it.