Hair integration the cheap and easy way

The thing I do not like about hair integration systems is that you can’t properly wash your own hair. If you’re trying to grow your hair, keeping it clean and healthy, as well as using the right products really helps. Dirty hair is not comfortable, it itches and the units can really smell when you take them off. I also worry about the massive cost most salons charge to apply and upkeep them. Then there’s the wear and tear as the unit wears down much quicker if you’re wearing it in bed. Personally I’ve always preferred to remove anything I use at night.

But there is a BIG however, they allow the wearer to forget about their hair issues (most of the time anyway). Psychologically it’s important and can mean, for many ladies, they get on again with their lives, never having to worry that their hair will fall off! The idea of wearing a wig terrifies many but the idea of a hair system is much more palatable.

Here’s the truth if you want to read it. Hair replacement systems are no different to a wig or partial wig attached to the head. Wefts of hair are sewn onto a base. The base of a wig can be of any construction but in this particular case it’s mesh. Bits of your own hair are pulled through the mesh and secured in various ways but often with microbeads. That way the base of your hair integration (AKA wig) is securely attached to the head.

There are plenty of times when I feel the need to attach my units such as a weekend away or a bungee jump or two. I also have plenty of clients that want the security of their adopted hair never divorcing them! There is a solution, in fact there are lots of different solutions. I had a client over today, who really loves her synthetic wig. It really is good quality and she gets it for a bargin price. I wouldn’t usually recommend synthetic hair for attachment (as she’ll need to replace frequently) but she loves the style and cut and the simplicity of care.

This particular lady plays golf and her visor causes her some issues. She’s also due on a couple of girls weekends and her hair is her private business. So this afternoon I pulled through her existing hair through the wefting on her wig and attached it with microbeads. I took equal, small amounts of her own hair and the synthetic hair I just attached on row in a semi circle from just above the ear, around the back of her head, to the other ear. This allows her to lift the unit at the front to wash with her Nioxin products and up at the nape so the whole head can be kept clean. I also stitched in a clip at the base and one at the front for some security during the day. The unit is completely moulded to her head which is pretty good going for a cheap ready to wear option! It took 20 mins and it cost her £80 and it really does look fantastic.

There are so many variations on this theme and it’s a case of thinking outside the wig box. If you are looking for the perfect fit, parts of your unit made in specific ways (the options are limitless) you can get units made exactly how you like them and attach. You’ll get exactly what you want and the hair will be far superior to most used in integration salons. You won’t have to spend hours in the chair every month (any mobile hair extensionist can do it for you) and removing and reattachment are a breeze. I think it’s much better to have solutions that work for you and your individual situation.