How to find a blonde wig

Decent blonde wigs and top pieces can be a tricky, especially if you’re looking for a cool blonde. The reason is because most hair donors have dark brown hair, so the hair has to be extensively processed. Bleaching, the lightening process, is pretty harsh on hair. Often you’ll find poor hair quality as well as a yellow/red (warm) coloured blonde. Here’s how to find a blonde wig; my top tips.

  1. If you have the budget, European hair comes in lighter colours. This is much easier to colour if needed but better still, find a virgin, natural colour to start. However, it is pretty difficult to get lengths over 14” in light blonde colours.
  2. Whatever hair you select make sure the wig is made from virgin hair that has not had it’s cuticle stripped. Your hair will look much better for longer. You will also be able to tone and colour good quality hair to most shades. I have hair that comes in lightest blonde, that has been slowly processed, so it retains its softness and manageability.
  3. If you already own a blonde wig and it’s looking a bit sorry for itself send it for a salon treatment. There are some incredible products, that you can only find in salon, which drastically improve the condition of damaged hair. Most work by smoothing down the cuticle which is lifted during the bleaching process.


If you want any help finding a blonde wig or repairing a damaged blonde wig you can call me on 07887802346.


How to find a blonde wig.