This is my customised hair system designed to integrate with your own natural hair. Whatever your type of hair loss, the unique combination of hair pieces and extensions will enhance the hair you have. I want all women to have the option to attach their hair for weeks at a time even if it’s just for holidays or special occasions.


Hair replacement systems can be eye-wateringly expensive. It’s also fairly restrictive, meaning that you must adapt to your hair additions rather than them working with your lifestyle. Hair loss is very individual so I believe anything that’s attached to your hair needs to be tailored to your needs.

That’s why I created my Extensioniser System™ – to give you hair you want, how you want it, at an affordable price, making the Extensioniser System accessible to all.


With my Extensioniser System™, once your extensions and hair pieces are in place you can sleep in them, work out – even do a bungee jump! All you need to do is pop into your

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nearest participating salon (currently in Beds, Bucks and Northants) once a month for a maintenance session. Your hair pieces will be removed, reconditioned and re-attached to keep them in tip-top condition.