An explosive start

Long time no speak! I took the whole summer off social media because I can! I wanted to hang out with my kids (whilst they’re still not old enough to hate me) and I wanted to get away from the extension build as much as possible.

We went to St Tropez, Falmouth, squeezed in 3 camping trips and as brilliant as it all was I couldn’t escape from that uncomfortable feeling I should be working. That I was neglecting something important to me. I knew I’d be back to it, with a new energy once the kids went back.

The shell of our building is now almost complete; I think as a client, we are pretty memorable. The dogs stealing lunches and belting off every time the gate was open, the fire brigade blue lighting down the street because our fire alarm couldn’t be shut down when the walls were cut through. Or perhaps when tabloid reporters arrived looking for quotes because they thought my dad was involved in a gangland murder (if you knew him you’d know how amusing that was). Then there was Monday. On this occasion we had to evacuate the property as my neighbour found a suspected WW2 bomb in their shed!

I was massively excited by the fact the police had ordered me away from my work to go to the local pub. So instead of cracking on, my enthusiasm was redireced to the randomness of drinking wine with my neighbours on a Monday afternoon.  I arrived to pick up the kids  from school suspiciously jolly and then fell asleep on the sofa! I also had to explain to my appointments that my house wasn’t usually cordoned off.

So after a shaky start I am looking forward to a productive Autumn! BTW the bomb was nothing to worry about. Even if it had gone off, the inside of my property would look no different.