7 Easy ways to rid yourself of static hair in your wig at winter

It’s cold today and any change in weather reminds me of the constant challenges us hair wearers face. Today it’s static hair in your wig.

As the temperature drops your hair literally stands up to the challenge. But unless the look you go for is the knock off barbie you won’t be feeling as positively buzzing as you look. Yup cold and dry air makes static hair in your wig so much worse and as our adopted hair doesn’t have the benefit of natural oils, so it’s more of a thing for us. Yay.

However, the good thing about this particular thing is that it’s not a difficult one to resolve.

Here’s some tips:

  • As the problem is dryness the obvious answer is to give your hair even more moisture than usual. Leave in conditioners, hair serum and oils will fix the issue. If you like the lank and greasy look apply generously.
  • As dryness is the issue, try to keep heated tools to a minimum. Blasing your hair on a cool setting with the hair dryer will close the cuticles again, keeping your pieces in tip top condition.
  • Use a wooden or metal comb/brush. Plastic brushes will make it worse. It’s a science thing.
  • Another product you can use is hairspray. If you do not want your hair to move at all spray the entire can on. This look also has the added bonus of preventing unwanted advances and insect bites. I would probably avoid smoking though. For everyone else just a little bit will sort the static.
  • Natural clothing like silk, wool or cotton are much better than polyester and nylon for prevention.
  • I haven’t actually tried this (because Kerastase oil works well for me) but those tumble drying sheets also work. Simply smooth the sheet over your locks. I do love an eclectic collection of things in a woman’s handbag. It adds to our mystique.

If you’re using high quality hair dryness will be much less of an issue, most wig problems start at the root. Looking after your hair will also prevent many of these issues. Click here for my free guide to “keeping your tresses lookin lush”.

Static hair in winter