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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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What your period says about your hair loss

Posted 10.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


Did you realise your monthly visitor can give some important clues as to why  you are losing your hair?

A frozen blueberry colour can indicate high levels of estrogen. This is usually found in heavier cycles. Perhaps your iron levels are running low during party time (a very common cause of hair loss). Over time it’s more than your unfertilised eggs leaving you for good.

A very light coloured period could mean you have very low levels of estrogen which is strongly linked to hair loss. (Stop start periods as well as infrequency are all signs of low estrogen.) FYI the ideal colour should be cranberry.

A light flow is often an indicator of poor nutrition, stress, auto immune disorders and PCOS, all leading causes of hair loss. And guess what, that describes me! A heavy flow and or long duration = low iron.

The frequency of your period is a good insight to your health. It’s believed that regular 25 -35 day cycles are best. Bleeding should be between 2 – 7 days. Your cycle length shortens as you get older, and I’ve definitely noticed this. Skipping periods can be a sign of thyroid problems.  Getting this sorted will restore you hair back to vitality.

You lose hair for a reason. It’s often the first thing to go when something isn’t right. Our bodies are very good at giving us clues if you look for them. And, yes, we are all unique, but believing “that’s just me” probably needs rethinking.

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