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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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What to do if you hate wearing wigs

Posted 09.03.15 | by Rebecca Dawe


I meet women every day who tell me they hate wearing wigs. They are desperate to feel normal again. Going au naturel is simply not an option and hats/scarves just don’t do it in the sexy department.

I’m the first to admit there are a lot of awful products out there; I’ve fallen victim to most of them! The wig feels uncomfortable, it looks unnatural and your life is restricted in so many unimaginable ways. You become a slave to your circumstance; 50 shades of messed up.

There came a moment for me when I realised that if I didn’t take ownership that life would simply take over. If you’re not clear about what you want (and take no action) you become shackled forever to a person you no longer like.

My work began and following months of research I began to discover lots of options. I tried out new things and was amazed to discover how fantastic it felt to step out of the shadows. Not only ARE there products comfortable and natural they look bloody amazing.

Whatever label you want to give wigs (hair additions, extensions, volumiser etc) you can’t say you hate them until you have sampled the vast array of goodies. It’s time to take action and release your inner goddess!
I am the dominant in this relationship now and my hair serves only to please me. It’s doing an awesome job.

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Splitting Hairs (March 3, 2016)

Just discovered this site and really enjoying searching through the posts. Having had very mixed experiences with hair replacement systems, it’s great to find such sound and considered advice – thank you!


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