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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

My hair gives me confidence

Posted 05.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

There are women who are proud to be bald. They are happy to be natural and look absolutely amazing with it. They don’t consider themselves as inspirational, it’s just who they are. They can’t pretend to be anything else. I am not one of those ladies. Being bald really isn’t me. But I’m not ashamed of my alopecia and like those bald beauties I have to be totally honest. I am not courageous. I’m just someone who has learnt to…


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Ombre ponytail

Posted 30.04.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I love my real hair Ombre ponytails. As long as the base colour matches your own hair you can be any colour you desire. My ones are so light weight and soft you won’t even feel them but I guarantee you will feel fabulous!    

Wigs for chemo

Posted 27.04.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I am contacted a few times each week by ladies who’ve just found out they need chemo. Here’s a summary of what I always tell them: Find out if your doctor is able to advise what strength of treatment you’ll receive and whether you’re expected to lose your hair? Not all treatments cause hair loss. It is a very good idea to start thinking about your hair at an earlier stage. Sometimes it can take longer to work out what…

Why are most hairdressers scared of wigs?

Posted 22.04.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I meet so many ladies who have been suffering for years/decades with their hair loss. They hide in their homes trying to kid themselves that they don’t really want to go out, that they’re not really bothered about how they look. With each shower, clumps of their confidence drain down the plug hole until these ladies become imprisoned by their obvious difference. In the early days, when they went to a hairdresser, they witnessed the shocked looks, embarrassed and awkward…

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