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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

Lazy sunny afternoon

Posted 28.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

A lovely midweek session with some of the male folk in my family. We all took a sneaky day off.    


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Random surprise

Posted 19.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

These just turned up from my lovely friend; unexpected gifts are always the best. Beautiful flowers with a rude message. You know me so well.  

Thinking outside of the wig box

Posted 12.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I can’t emphasise enough that the choices are vast when it comes to covering your hair loss. I often meet ladies who struggle to find what they want and that’s because most people that sell hair additions don’t really get it. Sure I can make bespoke items, anything you want, from scratch but what’s really fun is doing the same thing with existing products. I love the chance to get creative; time to get my thinking (wig) cap on! Like…

Freedom of choice

Posted 07.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

Having options is what’s important whether you choose to exercise them or not. I meet so many ladies who have fallen victim to one kind of solution and are totally bound to it, however unsuitable, simply because they did not know about other options. The problem is there is often too many options. Making a decision is hard and if it doesn’t work out the responsibility of that decision is felt more. When you have few options you make the…

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