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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

Human lab rat

Posted 22.06.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I like to test out all my products before I sell them. I am in the process of creating 3 new concepts for ladies who have some very unique issues. I spent quite some time considering how I can resolve them and following lots of drawings and detailed specifications I will have my prototypes in 6 weeks. When they arrive I’ll be testing them myself, roping in friends and family to attaching my inventions onto my head or theirs! This…


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Food and love are inextricably tied

Posted 15.06.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

It takes nothing to call in on your elderly and sick neighbour. I hope the cake the boys made cheered her up!

Pulling your hair out? Solutions for trichotillomania sufferers.

Posted 08.06.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

The compulsion to pull out your own hair, strand by strand, is not uncommon. Most sufferers do not even realise that they are doing it, let alone know they have a condition called trichotillomania. You can read lots about how to deal with stress, positive attitude and self-image but in reality if you’re having a low spot you need strategies to prevent pulling. Covering your hair: Wearing a wig or hair piece to cover the problem areas can sometimes be…

Can women have hair transplants?

Posted 03.06.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

Hair transplants are a surgical procedure that involve taking hair, usually from the back of the head, and grafting to a bald area. As you can imagine it’s pretty painful, comes with risks and is very expensive £3k – £10K (depending on how much is transplanted and how many sessions you need). However, a good result can give someone their hair back and with celebrities visiting their surgeons faster than melting snowflakes the popularity of this procedure has snowballed. Not…

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