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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

End of year fun

Posted 18.07.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

Roller coaster safe sandals. Log flume secured hair. 3 Excited boys. Empty theme park on teacher training day! Happy summer holidays celebration.


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Check out my new website!!!!

Posted 17.07.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

Super duper excited to show off my new website. It’s not finished, there’s lots more to go in, but I couldn’t wait anymore to get it out there. There are big gaps in content (and images) so don’t judge me too harshly just yet! I couldn’t finish the content and editing this week because I’ve actually strained my wrist writing 15,ooo words of content in the last two weeks (as well as my usual stuff). So here’s to taking things to the…

Adapting in the sun

Posted 01.07.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

I really should be working on the content right now for my new website (super excited) but the weather is too good to sit in. Have you ever tried to work outside on a laptop???? Don’t bother. However, I have a couple of off the shelf wigs that needed adjusting to fit a couple of clients so I managed a lovely 30 mins stitching in the sun. Gave up trying to take a decent selfie in the blinding light!

My tanning secret

Posted 26.06.15 | by Rebecca Dawe

Everyone keeps remarking on my natural looking tan. Well, it’s just a blooming good tinted moisturiser. Dries quick, cheap and doesn’t smell. I absolutely love it.

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