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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

8 ways to make yourself more confident when you start wearing wigs

Posted 06.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

These days I wait with eager anticipation for the delivery of my hair; I can’t wait to whip it on and show off. This is a far cry from my earlier wig wearing days. It’s absolutely terrifying when you first start wearing hair. It certainly helps when it looks amazing, but for most ladies even the most spectacular wig in the world is very intimidating at first. Here’s my tips to help you through the first few days: 1) Before…


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Dyson supersonic hairdryer

Posted 03.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

I’ve just discovered that Dyson will soon be launching their new hairdryer! What really interests me is that it helps to keep heat damage to a minimum by monitoring temperature 20 times per second. It also claims to dry really fast and anyone that wears hair additions knows what a pain drying time is! Light weight and quiet with loads of cool styling attachments what’s not to like….except the £300 price tag. I’d love to have a go with it…

7 dilemmas faced when wearing stunning wigs

Posted 26.04.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

1) A massive fear of hairdressers. This baby won’t grow back! 2) Lots of attention. Everyone notices fantastic hair. 3) Feeling more comfortable with spending money on something that makes you feel that good. 4) Awkward questions about where you get your hair done. 5) Having to fess up to your date. Hopefully, they don’t think it’s the most attractive thing about you (if they do then you’ve had a lucky escape). 6) Needing constant reassurance that you’ll be able…

Need some change?

Posted 22.04.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Many of the ladies I meet are terrified at the prospect of making a change regarding their hair loss. Often they have battled for years and tried to ignore it. But then they reach a point, where the prospect of staying the same is even more terrible than the fear of facing up to it. The one thing I see time and time again is that it doesn’t take much to swing the pendulum of self confidence either way. But,…

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