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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

Alive and having it

Posted 07.06.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

The builders have arrived, not in a menstrual way, genuine, real life, tradesmen. Just when I think there isn’t room for anything else, life becomes even more ridiculous. My dogs, being the totally untrained, pain in the arse, creatures that they are, have been making themselves known. The digger driver thankfully loves them and remarked “how could anyone hurt dogs?” In my mind I was thinking, most days I could happily strangle them with the elastic from my most recent…


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It’s Wig Wednesday

Posted 25.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Today is Wig Wednesday, a fundraising day for CLIC Sargent, the children’s cancer charity. There’s no point me donning a wig as I do everyday! So, instead, I made sure that my children’s book Hairless Harri was ready in time to donate the profits. I had the idea for Harri over a year ago, one morning, when my head was still fuzzing from one too many the night before. It’s a real shame I can’t drink like I used to…

Mistakes often made when straightening a wig

Posted 17.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Ok, so these also apply to your natural hair too but it’s more important with a wig as it’s moisture starved already. The fab news though, is once straight, it will stay that way for much longer. The other brilliant thing is you can do your do on a wig stand (a clamp is needed); it’s so much easier than doing it whilst attached! 1) Make sure you have washed out all the shampoo & conditioner thoroughly and the wig…

What your period says about your hair loss

Posted 10.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

Did you realise your monthly visitor can give some important clues as to why  you are losing your hair? A frozen blueberry colour can indicate high levels of estrogen. This is usually found in heavier cycles. Perhaps your iron levels are running low during party time (a very common cause of hair loss). Over time it’s more than your unfertilised eggs leaving you for good. A very light coloured period could mean you have very low levels of estrogen which…

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