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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

Radio blah blah

Posted 15.07.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

It’s been an interesting past week, appearing in local newspapers and talking on BBC breakfast radio about hair loss and my book. Friends telling me that I’m in the paper was quite surreal, but didn’t bother me. However, I was extremely nervous speaking about hair loss on three counties radio. Partly because I’d never done it before, partly because it was live (and I was really worried about sounding like an idiot) but mostly because I had no idea what…


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4 ways to cope with losing your hair

Posted 01.07.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

The most common reaction to losing your hair is panic. It’s normal and important to allow yourself to feel this. It’s what you do next that determines how you’re going to handle it. You can decide to let it take over your life or you can use that panic to fuel your recovery. When I’m talking about recovery, I mean you go on to live happily in your own skin. Even if, like me, you were never happy in the…

Alopecian dog

Posted 22.06.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

I jinxed it! Last week, whilst moaning about the mountains of shedding dog hair, I said the prospect of dogs with alopecia was appealing. Today I’ve noticed 3 bald patches of hair on the back of my dog! It’s amusing, that the females in this household are looking decidedly plucked. Perhaps the lack of quality fox poo to roll in is stressing her out? Maybe it’s the fact I’ve caved in this week with my ambition to serve the kids…

Happy Hare

Posted 15.06.16 | by Rebecca Dawe

We all know a bad hair day is when everything is going wrong. Although, it’s more than that. When we feel unhappy with our appearance, it colours every aspect of our lives. My lovely character, ‘Happy Hare’ made her first appearance in my children’s book, Hairless Harri, to offer comfort in a crisis of confidence. So Happy Hare is now going to be appearing regularly. She’s here to remind us that happiness is about interpretation. As I’m writing this my…

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