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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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My hair gives me confidence

Posted 05.05.15 | by Rebecca Dawe


There are women who are proud to be bald. They are happy to be natural and look absolutely amazing with it. They don’t consider themselves as inspirational, it’s just who they are. They can’t pretend to be anything else.

I am not one of those ladies. Being bald really isn’t me. But I’m not ashamed of my alopecia and like those bald beauties I have to be totally honest. I am not courageous. I’m just someone who has learnt to quite like herself.

I don’t wear wigs to hide what I am. I wear them because they are a part of my identity. My alopecia doesn’t define me, but it’s very much a part of my life too. As unbelievable as it may seem it’s totally cool for me; social permission to play dress up every day if I chose to.

My boobs are pretty unremarkable and like my hair with a bit of extra padding I think they look reasonable. If you’re not enhancing any part of your look then I give you permission to judge me!

The fact my hair doesn’t actually grow out of my head is merely a technicality. I know it looks great. It gives me the confidence to feel pretty good about myself.

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