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Mistakes often made when straightening a wig

Posted 17.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


Ok, so these also apply to your natural hair too but it’s more important with a wig as it’s moisture starved already. The fab news though, is once straight, it will stay that way for much longer. The other brilliant thing is you can do your do on a wig stand (a clamp is needed); it’s so much easier than doing it whilst attached!

1) Make sure you have washed out all the shampoo & conditioner thoroughly and the wig is completely dry before you start. Stop if you hear any sizzling, as it’s basically product burning into your hair.

2) If you start using a hair dryer, make sure you always point it in the same direction your hair falls.

3) Turn down the temp on the straighteners. 300 – 350 is best.

4) Often too much heat protection is used. Only 4 drops of argan oil is required.

5) Take smaller sections of hair. It does take longer but you shouldn’t have to keep repeating yourself.

6) Use a comb an inch below the tool and keep  moving it along as you pull the straightener down.

7)  Pull the hair straight (use tension), with your comb hand, and hold straight for a moment whilst the hair cools down.


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