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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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Posted 07.12.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


Being different is scary. Because being different means rejection. Rejection means isolation. Isolation means danger. It’s that simple. You can’t escape millions of years of evolution. It’s not about vanity, it’s fear.

Hears the thing, the best way to beat the fear is to work out how to become part of a tribe again. That’s why reaching out to people is the single most important thing you can do. However, that takes great bravery because you have to hold your hands up and admit that things aren’t so great. But trust me it’s worth it. It’s amazing how many people are waiting for someone to do that. The moment I stopped hiding and held my hands up I was surrounded by “me too”. It’s a powerfully bonding thing. I now have many fond relationships with my “me too” friends.

Not only that, but by being upfront and honest I’ve also gained “I have” friends. These are the guys that are willing to share their pain/insecurities because I openly talked about mine. I’m now pretty much honest, all the time, with most people. I never feel “why me” about anything. In fact I feel 100% abnormally normal.

Could the thing you fear makes you different actually be the thing that makes you the same?

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