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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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It’s Wig Wednesday

Posted 25.05.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


Today is Wig Wednesday, a fundraising day for CLIC Sargent, the children’s cancer charity. There’s no point me donning a wig as I do everyday! So, instead, I made sure that my children’s book Hairless Harri was ready in time to donate the profits.

I had the idea for Harri over a year ago, one morning, when my head was still fuzzing from one too many the night before. It’s a real shame I can’t drink like I used to (anymore than a couple and the weekend is ruined) because some of my most creative moments happen when I’m not sound of mind!   A very good friend suggested I write a book about hair loss and, I guess, my alcohol fueled brain didn’t sleep on it and presented me with the idea as I was trying to come to terms with getting out of bed the following morning.

Harri had to be good and she had to be brave and she couldn’t see her hair loss as a problem. It was also important that she wasn’t like a Disney Princess and all those other darling characters here conditioning kids from babies. There is so much negativity that surrounds hair loss. Just think of all the bad ass villains in movies, most of them are bald. Whilst the goodies toss their bountiful hair and save the world.

It’s the story of seven-year-old Harri who’s shunned by her new classmates because she’s bald. But Harri eventually wins all the girls and boys round with her awesome talents and generosity. It took a while to get the book finished as finding someone to bring the characters to life proved to be the hardest bit. After many months of looking, the perfect person happened to be a friend. I actually had no idea that she could illustrate and after I saw something she posted on facebook that was it. There is quite a bit more work I want to do with her….after all Hair Necessity is about finding a blank canvas and working with an actual professional artist is pretty exciting. 

Our new creations will make an appearance very soon. In the meantime if you want to read my book and donate to charity (so even if you hate it, it’s still good) click here.

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