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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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Happy Hare

Posted 15.06.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


We all know a bad hair day is when everything is going wrong. Although, it’s more than that. When we feel unhappy with our appearance, it colours every aspect of our lives. My lovely character, ‘Happy Hare’ made her first appearance in my children’s book, Hairless Harri, to offer comfort in a crisis of confidence. So Happy Hare is now going to be appearing regularly. She’s here to remind us that happiness is about interpretation.

As I’m writing this my eyes are stinging, my washing (that I forgot to bring in) is rain soaked, and I’m battling to deal with the unrelenting tsunami of mud and shedding dog hair. Alopecian dogs seem like a fantastic idea right now.

My eyes are stinging because I finally had my lids tattooed! My eyebrows have made an incredible difference to how I feel about myself so I took the plunge. I would have done it ages ago except I hate eye things. I’m pretty stoic most of the time but trying a contact lense once left me mortified, faint and lying down in Optical Express. The poor guy said he’d never seen anyone react like I did.

I reasoned that I would already be lying down so should the worst happen I’d be OK. I won’t lie, it was toe curling for me. Having someone all over my eyelids for what felt like hours (it was an hour) took every bit of strength not to scream and run away. It didn’t hurt but because of my weird eye thing, I was seriously at my limit. Despite the fact I look like I’ve been crying for hours, I am pretty chuffed. I will no longer look like a new born kangaroo in the morning.

The mud slurry is courtesy of our lovely British weather and the 2 story extension we are having built. The state of the garden resembles the state of my brain at the mo. It’s really hard to concentrate and no amount of list making can manage my current task anxiety. It’s weird not having any space at all. When I’m not seeing people I am very lucky to be able to work quietly and productively from home. Now there’s machinery, trucks, deliveries and endless cups of tea to manage (did I mention mud?). But all said, it’s very exciting and the adjustments haven’t taken the polish from it yet.





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Jo (June 15, 2016)

Your posts ALWAYS inspire me. You’re one in a million Becky. I may not always reply but I ALWAYS read your blogs. You really do deserve to have massive success.
Keep strong, remember the boys playing those African drums whenever you’re feeling down and I cannot wait to see the lids!
Your biggest fan
Jo xx


Rebecca Dawe (June 28, 2016)

So sweet of you. I must admit I’m rubbish at approving my blog comments so I’ve only just spotted this. DITTO BTW.


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