Hair extensions can be used very successfully for hair loss. It’s also useful to know about the methods of attachment as all of these can be used for hair replacement systems.

Extensions are hair strands that come as either one piece or multiple smaller strands that are attached to create extra volume and length.

There are a great variety of removable or semi-permanent options in human hair or synthetic hair. It’s best to use human hair for the most natural and versatile option.

There are sadly a lot of extension specialists with inadequate training. There are growing numbers of women now suffering hair loss as a result of traction alopecia caused by long term, poorly applied extensions.

If you decide to go for semi permanent, individual strand extensions again do your homework as they can be very damaging. It’s also important to know what type of hair is going to be used as the non remy, processed hair (most often used as it’s cheap) will only last a few weeks.

I can custom make extension pieces for you that mould to the shape of your head. We can decide which attachment method is best for you and your hair!

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