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I didn't lose my hair, I found my blank canvas.

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Alopecian dog

Posted 22.06.16 | by Rebecca Dawe


I jinxed it! Last week, whilst moaning about the mountains of shedding dog hair, I said the prospect of dogs with alopecia was appealing. Today I’ve noticed 3 bald patches of hair on the back of my dog! It’s amusing, that the females in this household are looking decidedly plucked. Perhaps the lack of quality fox poo to roll in is stressing her out? Maybe it’s the fact I’ve caved in this week with my ambition to serve the kids only healthy options, causing a massive shortage of dinner leftovers?

She’s just shedding, but it got me thinking. She’s shedding to make way for a new, better shinier version of herself. I know if your struggling with hair loss, you’ll probably want to strangle me with the hair from your plug hole, but it’s how I feel about my own shedding. Sure, I did feel quite cold for a (long) while but once I decided to adapt, I realised that I actually preferred the new me. That I am now 1000% more happy than I was when I had hair.

I don’t look more conventionally beautiful but, to be brutally honest, I look better now! It’s really about finding what works for you. It’s how you interpret it, whether you decide to take up the challenge and prioritise feeling good about yourself. I never stop looking into ways to improve. For example, last week I had my colours done, today I decided to take on a personal trainer, I’ve started following fashion more closely. It’s not vain or selfish.

Shedding is not always a loss.

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