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In 2001 I did (what was then) the world’s tallest bungee jump, from a cable car suspended between 2 mountains in New Zealand. Starting Hair Necessity was a similar experience. You have to force yourself to jump over the edge. there is a point of leaning forward where you have no option to turn back.

The internet is an unforgiving place. When you share your secrets with it, they are out of the box forever. Just like the bungee jump there is no changing your mind once you have leaned forwards into the abyss. I knew unless I did this, I would never be able to spend my life helping other women going through the same experiences as me.

My Business

Going public with my hairloss was one of the most difficult things I ever did. I am a master of concealing my hair loss and until then I only divulged it on a need to know basis. I could hear the voices of those girls at school I didn’t get on with, the mockery of boyfriends I broke up with and the knowledge that wherever I go, and however good my hair, everybody knows my truth.

Again, just like that bungee jump, once I had passed that point of no return it was exhilarating, liberating and life changing.

My blog is here for everybody. Whatever country you are in, whatever your life circumstances, I hope you find inspiration in how I don’t let my hairloss hold me back, and the techniques I use to cover my baldness.

I also provide consulting services for people within a reasonable distance of Bedfordshire (Bucks, Northants, Herts). I visit people and together we work out the best solutions for them, from Wigs (hate that word) to extensions.

“Again, just like that bungee jump, once I had passed that point of no return it was exhilarating, liberating and life changing.”

I produce my own wigs and hair extensions. This is a niche industry (although ironically the problem itself is not niche at all!) and the existing markup on products is obscene. I have developed comfortable and ethical products that accurately reflect the true cost of production and make high quality options affordable.

I also consult with people by telephone all over the country (and sometimes world). I don’t always have the perfect product, but I can always offer a different perspective.

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